Here's where you'll find lots of unique projects and how-to information for your haunted Halloween enjoyment. Whether you are a beginning haunter wanting to add some excitement for trick-or-treating, looking for something for your Halloween party, or want to add some-thing more to your haunted house, we have lots of information and unique projects for you here.
We run our haunted events, so most everything here comes from that experience, and from our love of Halloween.
If you want to share your idea with others, have some useful tips, or a great story to tell, contact us. Halloween needs more ScaryGuys!

Projects How-to projects that make your home a haunt!
Information Articles, advice, opinions, and insights on all things haunted.
How-To DVD's

ScaryGuys Pneumatics for Haunting
With overviews, demonstrations, hints, tips, and detail views, we present pneumatics so anyone can feel comfortable assembling the parts of an air system and use them in their animations.

ScaryGuys Animation Controls
Covering units from one to sixteen channels, we use demonstrations, hints, tips, and and detailed views to remove the mystery of using modern computer-based controls for your animations.

ScaryGuys Popups
Building on the information in previous DVDs, ScaryGuys introduces a simple approach to design, build and test your own unique animated popups without technical jargon and complexity. Overcome many of the stumbling blocks that cause issues for first-time popup builders.

Our Haunts Visit the Hacker House haunted house this October for a screaming good time!
Stop by Cool Ghouls and learn about the Haunted Crypt and other 'obsessions'.
The Ghosts and Legends theater in Myrtle Beach, SC is a must-see event. This is perhaps the best example of story-telling with animations anywhere!
The Krone House will haunt your screams...


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